Dear Residents and Families,

As this challenging year is coming to an end, we are so pleased to inform you of our community’s preparations for the COVID-19 vaccination clinics—and we’re delighted to see the approval of a second vaccine (Moderna). Omnicare/CVS has begun scheduling our vaccination clinics and we are eager to begin!  We will share the schedule with you when our dates have been confirmed.  Our extensive associate training on specifics of the vaccination process and protocols is overseen by Watermark’s COVID-19 Task Force and ensures that residents will receive accurate and timely information and support.

As our information is updating rapidly we want to share the following important items to help ensure that residents are ready to receive the vaccine:

  • The vaccine is a two-step process that is separated by several weeks. Both steps will take place at each Watermark community by Omnicare/CVS.
  • Omnicare/CVS has made both paper and electronic consent forms, and we will forward the details for completing them before our clinic date.
  • It is required that every resident present their medical insurance card and/or provide a copy of the front and back. It’s imperative that you produce this information quickly.
  • All insurance is paying 100% for the vaccines, however those without insurance will receive the vaccines for free.
  • Per the Federal Government’s recommendation, Independent Living residents will be vaccinated during Phase 2, during the first quarter of 2021, although exacts dates have not yet been determined.
  • Residents and associates will attend the vaccine clinics on the same day.
  • We are awaiting further direction concerning vaccine dates for our agency helpers, and other participating care providers.

As residents and associates receive their vaccines, our clinic team will adhere to the CDC recommended guidelines of 15-minute response observations.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the vaccination process:

  • Can an individual that tested positive be a part of this vaccination clinic? — Yes, once they are out of isolation and recovered.
  • Will there be side effects? —There can be a response to the vaccine such as body aches, and mild fever, and chills, but that just means that the vaccination is working and the body is building a strong immunity to the virus. In rare cases allergy to the vaccine can occur.  Complete information in writing will be provided at the time of scheduling for the clinic.
  • Is the vaccine mandatory for residents and associates? —No, the vaccine is not mandatory but consider the protection we will have the more people that consent to this vaccine. We will be championing educational meetings with our team members to encourage participation. We already have a great response from the team, and the majority are very excited about this clinic.
  • How long does the vaccine last? — They don’t have concrete numbers on this, but multiple experts hypothesize at least a year of coverage will be provided by the Covid-19 vaccine.

At the same time that we welcome news of the vaccinations, we must continue our vigilance in keeping our community safe—especially during the coming holidays.  Please do continue to wear a mask, reduce the number of people with whom you interact, social distance and continue washing those hands!

We appreciate you and look forward to a bright 2021!

Karen Mlawsky, Chief Operating Officer, Watermark Retirement Communities

Watermark’s COVID-19 Response

For many reasons, COVID-19 is presenting unique challenges to healthcare professionals, agencies, and organizations. As you probably know, on March 13 President Trump declared a federal state of emergency because of the virus.

As the situation progresses with COVID-19, Watermark is committed to keeping residents, families and associates safe. Watermark has a task force devoted to COVID-19 that includes healthcare, risk management, human resources and communication members. Watermark’s standard robust tools for training, communication and risk management are being specially utilized in this situation.

We are committed to remaining well informed and responsive at the leading edge of this fluid situation. We are equally committed to keeping clear and transparent lines of communication open with our residents and their families.