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Well-being Tips and Resources


When living through the upcoming Covid-19 response, it is important to take care of ourselves as whole people, including our spiritual, social, and mental well-being aspects. Doing so not only boosts our immune systems, but also provides resilience to thrive through challenging times.

Below are recommended actions and related links for each of our dimensions of well-being.

** Aim for doing an action towards each dimension daily **


Tend to your ESSENCE:

Cultivating inner peace and equanimity will help with emotional regulation, social connection, will make you a more effective thinker under pressure, and enable you to act mindfully when in need.

*** If you are in immediate need to address anxiety, here are free guided imagery tracks from Kaiser Permanente ***

When you have ability to start building a practice:

  1. Cultivate gratitude daily. Whether through a journal, or a loving kindness (metta) meditation practice, or sharing daily notes of appreciation with your communities. Whatever speaks to you.
  2. Waking Up is a mindfulness meditation app by Sam Harris, featuring beginner to advanced level instructions. They also feature a children’s section.
    Here is a code for one month free — extensions available on request.
  3. Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit, free Mindfulness app developed by Australian experts and field tested since 2012
  4. Steps to deliberately reduce the spread of Anxiety
  5. You know yourself best! Create your own unique approach to managing stress, anxiety, and depression, while also benefiting from expert advice through in-app coaching. The Sanvello App is free to all during the COVID-19 Crisis.


ENGAGE with your community and loved ones:

Love and connection is humanity’s super power. It is how we have evolved and thrived on this lonely rock of a planet since the beginning of our time here, through countless disasters.

  1. Laugh as much as you can, practice your humor muscle, share with as many people as possible. Here are a few web search ideas for much needed giggles:
  2. Reach out to your community, offer help, ask for support — doing so is scientifically guaranteed to pick you up   : )
  3. If you have children in your life, they don’t need to be bearing the full brunt of all the uncertainty and information overload. Here is sound guidance on how to talk about what’s happening with children, in an age-appropriate manner, or a child-friendly comic that explains the Coronavirus . Check out these ideas for things to do with children while the schools are closed
  4. You can even support your animal community by tuning into live web cam videos from the San Diego Zoo
  5. Principles of 12-Step programs that promote emotional well-being in times of trial

ENHANCE your mind and cultivate curiosity

Nourish your mental appetite with arts and sciences of your choice. Learn new skills, and better yet, share your gifts with others.

Here are a few leads to countless hours of flow state:

  1. TED is a curated collection of 18 minute talks from world renowned experts for the past two decades, on virtually any subject.
  2. Free access to Museums and Virtual Tours
  3. Free access to classical music concerts
  4. Free access to online education resources
  5. Free access to 450+ online classes from 8 different Ivy League Schools
  6. Daily Suggestions on how to live life to the fullest at home

Here is one way you can cultivate wonder with children:

Schools are closed, but audible is open! Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of books & stories (in 6 languages!)



EMBODY your healthiest possible self

In addition to the essential prevention and medical care information highlighted everywhere else,

Review and share with your health provider these integrative care recommendations collated by the faculty of University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine — scientific reference articles included in the document

If you are able, spend as much time in nature as you can during social distancing – it has proven benefits to strengthen your immune system and calm your mind.

If not able to get to nature without exposing yourself to the virus, utilize the calming and air purifying strength of plants in your home.

  1. If you are experiencing anxiety, give a chance to any of these 20 BODY & MIND TOOLS TO OVERCOME ANXIETY
  2. Move your body daily in any way you want ; )
  3. Pay attention to your sleep health
  4. If you need to work from home, create a healthy home office and take care of your eyes
  5. Give yourself body work relief, or better yet, exchange massages with your family members




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  6. Track your Health for more Confidence
  7. Fight Muscle loss with Resistance Training
  8. Yoga & Meditation has become Popular Adult Trend
  9. Boost your Well-Being by Taking an Exercise Class
  10. Resistance Exercise improves Sleep, fights Anxiety and Depression



For a deeper dive into the science of integrative health: please review our full database.